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Wheeled Bags & Other Bad Ideas

On this Web site, I mostly write about techniques, products, and ideas that I like. On this page, though, a few things that I (perhaps surprisingly to some) don't...

Safety & Security

(Personal) Safety & Security.

How should one address personal safety concerns while travelling? The issue is a somewhat complex one, but primarily a function of three variables: individual circumstances, areas of travel, and personal perceptions:

How Do I Get Started...

How Do I Get Started?

Simple ... learn as much as possible about three key travel topics.
The successful one-bag traveller knows (in order of importance):

Travel Light by Alternative Hostels

Travel Light by Alternative Hostels

There are many reasons to "travel light", the principal ones being...


With a greatly reduced need to check baggage (or otherwise entrust it to the care of others), you are much less likely to lose your belongings to theft, damage, or misrouting. You likewise foil those who would enlist your unsuspecting aid as a conveyor of contraband goods. Would that peace of mind were always so easilyrsrc.html acquired!